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Boiler Room x Houndstooth/ Akkord, Al Tourettes, Call Super, House of Black Lanterns, Special Request & Throwing Snow

05 Apr 2013, 12:01 - 12:01 UTC

This show will be broadcasted live from 7pm – 11pm, Thursday 11th April

The show itself is strictly private. Not open to the public.

Everyone else, you get to watch amazing music, free, live, online.

BROADCAST URL: boilerroom.tv/live


There sure has been some excitement around these parts about Fabric's new record label Houndstooth. Now they're all coming to Boiler Room to showcase how dope they all are. 

Houndstooth: http://www.houndstoothlabel.com/

Akkord: http://soundcloud.com/akkordmusik/akkord-electronic-explorations

Al Tourettes: http://soundcloud.com/altourettes

Call Super: http://soundcloud.com/call-super

House of Black Lanterns: http://soundcloud.com/houseofblacklanterns

Special Request: http://soundcloud.com/specialrequest

Throwing Snow: http://soundcloud.com/throwingsnow


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Call Super
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House of Black Lanterns
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Throwing Snow