WerkDiscs/ Lukid, Moiré, Samoyed & Tapes

08 Nov 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

In case you haven't been made aware already, Lukid has a new album out and it's daaaamn good. Look at him sat on that wall in the flyer. Those are the eyes of a guy that knows he's just put out an exellent record - not in a smug way, in a calm and collected manner and he's just waiting for you all to realise it.

We welcome him to Boiler Room with open arms, to play alongside some of his label mates and homies.. this one is going to open some eyes and enrich some evenings on the sofa. For sure!

Yeah, so we kinda mentioned it already but let's just hear those words once again. Lukid is coming to Boiler Room.. wooooweee!

EVERYTHING you need to know about Moiré is handily summarised on this website.. I mean there isn't an awful lot of information on there, but his dopeness is summarised quite succinctly on there no? Yes!

Samoyed will also be joining this bunch, and if you caught the GLUM 12" by Samoyed earlier in the year then you'll know how awesome this music is. Like, totally freakin' awesome!

The incredible Tapes will be joining us as well, so expect to hear all the noises you could ever wish to hear in one evening!