Metalheadz/ Goldie, D Bridge, CMX, Jubei & Draft

22 May 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

Remember the last time Goldie came to Boiler Room - of course you do, because it was one of the most entertaining things we've been a part of. That's because he's one of the UK's cultural leaders, and you don't get the reputation he has without pulling out more than a few strokes of genius along the way!

Well, now we've established that the man himself will be here, it's more than worth mentioning that he will be joined by a fine selection of his fellow Metalheadz buddies.

Oh good lord! D Bridge is coming back too! After a recent release on 3024, and well, one of the finest discography's you would ever really come across - especially in terms of diversity and mixing up musical stlyes. He's coming to demonstrate what he's been up to recently!

The long-time Drum & Bass icons Commix will be joining us too - under a rather interesting alias going by the name of CMX. What these guys don't know about production doesn't really exist in our realm.

Jubei, a producer not only worthy of note because of his astounding solo releases and collaborative work with Breakage, Alix Perez, Rockwell, Phobia, Icicle.. etc - but also due to his work as part of Code 3.. will be there too to give you all a little education on dopeness!

Hot new talent Draft has been brought intot he Metalheadz fold recently, and will be performing on the night to shed some light as to where this iconic label is heading.