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Boiler Room x Nike Football

London03 Nov 201518:15 - 23:00 GMT

The tower blocks. The caged, concrete battle ground. The faded pitch markings. All of these things are synonymous with street football and the excitement it never fails to create. To pay homage, Boiler Room are joining forces with Nike to deliver an evening of sporting and musical entertainment. Enter Nike Football X.

We've planned two tournaments, each boasting teams with their own personal ties to London's concrete jungle. That means Boiler Room locking horns with the likes of Young Turks and Island Records; Gully Type face-to-face with Section Boyz and Nike's own St. Leonard’s troops.

Nike Football has also been searching for London’s best street footballers. Over forty crews took part but just six made it through to the UK Winner Stays Final.

The rules are simple: it's 4v4 action for a maximum of 5mins;  first to two wins and winner stays on.

If that's not enough, both competitions are followed by an afterparty ram-packed with enviable musical talents; all live and broadcasted to Boiler Room's online community. Our first line-up fields a heavyweight squad: South London road rap dons, Section Boyz, a very special unannounced guest and hip-hop royalty in DJ Semtex; then there's Lit City Trax lynchpin, J Cush, backed by Sh?m and DJ Dubl.

Join us on November 3 for the proceedings and sign up for your chance to attend the afterparty from 8.30pm. Click here to register.
London03 Nov 201518:15 - 23:00 GMT
18:15 - 23:00 GMT