RAMP/ Gerry Read, Cupp Cave, Tom@RAMP, Red Rack'em, Young Echo, Presk & Felix Lenferink

23 May 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

Ramp have been putting out some of your favourite records for a good few years now, and doesn't it just feel like the right time to get them down to our show? From the looks of the line-up, it's a celebration of all the dope stuff they have lined up to release in the future. We're all pretty excited about it.

Gerry Read has been thoroughly smacking it with releases over the last year, racking up about 10 records. The guy must be majorly productive!

Cupp Cave will be playing for us live too, after their album release on Ramp last month we've become devoted fans.

Top boy at Ramp, Mr Tom Kerridge will be playing records too of course, because he's the boss and can lay down the law like that.

If you haven't checked Red Rack'em's 'Smugglers Inn' podcast, the I urge you to go check it RIGHT NOW. This guy is doing great things!

Bristol's Young Echo collective are also going to be heading down to perform live for all you lucky people. It looks like this whole show is going to be jam packed with hot new things!

A nice bit of hype has been surrounding Presk, and rightly so because his releases so far have been very exciting indeed. Once again he'll be playing live - so if you're into impressively smooth transitions and the quickest equipment changeovers be sure to lock in.

Aaaand to round all this goodness off, Felix Lenferink is playing live for us too. Ramp have really excelled themselves with this one. Feel free to send them thank you cards or flowers if you wish.


Felix Lenferink-profile-image
Felix Lenferink