R&S/ Teengirl Fantasy LIVE, Space Dimension Controller, Pariah & Airhead

17 Jul 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

Yes so we're welcoming back to the wonderful world of R&S to the Boiler Room. They've been awfully busy with releases wince we last saw them, so lets all gather round our computers on Tuesday for one hell of a mighty session yeah?!

After releasing a delightful little 12" recently, Teengirl Fantasy are all set to put out their new LP on R&S very soon indeed - and in a spontaneous turn of events they're also going to be playing live for us too. Watch out people, they're pretty awesome!

The guy controlling your local space dimension, Mr Space Dimension controller will also be selecting records for you on the night. He's proven how good he can be before on the show, and in many a club over the years. So we have some pretty high hopes.

Pariah has been putting the work in recently, what with that whole Karenn project and the She Works label, as well as having R&S bring you all that rather delightful 'Rift' EP. Lets see what direction he;s heading in nowadays.

Airhead is also going to be playing on the night too. He hs some amazing records out there, and is all set to bring you another one in the coming weeks on, you guessed it, the might R&S.


Space Dimension Controller-profile-image
Space Dimension Controller
Teengirl Fantasy-profile-image
Teengirl Fantasy