Warehouse Project/ Oneman, Pariah, Two Inch Punch & South London Ordnance

06 Oct 2012, 18:00 - 22:00 UTC

So, just when we've about recovered from our show at Warehouse Project last week we're heading straight back up there for another session. This time we've got some legitimate Boiler Room favourites alongside a bunch of new homies we can't wait to finally get on the show.

Longstanding Boiler Room family member Oneman will be blessing the decks, for a chance to see EXACLTY how he gets down in the clurrrb.

After a week where the internet imploded with the new of Karenn's second release on their own SheWorks imprint, we are honoured to have one half of the terrifying duo join us - in the form of the totally bodacious Pariah (aka DJ Macaulay Culkin).

Mr Two Inch Punch will be joining us too, and if you have a steady internet access chances are you'll know exaclty what he's about. His appearance in the Boiler Room is frankly overdue so let's get this sorted the fuck out.

South London Ordnance is well due an appearance on our screens too. He's a damn tight DJ and his productions smack the arse out of most club situations. Oh man we're excited.


South London Ordnance-profile-image
South London Ordnance