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Bok Bok Presents/ DJ Slimzee, DJ Spyro w/ MCs Hyper & Jon E Cash, Mak 10 & Bok Bok w/ MC Flirta D

28 Jun 2013, 14:56 - 14:56 UTC

This show will be broadcasted live from 8pm – 11pm, Tuesday 2nd June

The show itself is strictly private. You must be on the guestlist to attend. 

Everyone else, you get to watch amazing music, free, live, online.

BROADCAST URL: boilerroom.tv/live


For the next installment of our grime sessions, we welcome Bok Bok into the Boiler Room to present a DJ led show.

DJ Slimzee: https://twitter.com/dj_slimzee

DJ Spyro: https://twitter.com/SIRSPYRO

Jon E Cash: https://twitter.com/Jonecashmuzic

Mak 10: http://soundcloud.com/djmak10

Bok Bok: http://soundcloud.com/bokbok

Flirta D: http://twitter.com/FlirtaDunDaD


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Bok Bok