Born Electric/ James Zabiela, Gang Colours, Pedestrian & Pedram

04 Dec 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

That magic you can feel in the air that you thought was Christmas? Well it sure as hell isn't, it's the nervous tension caused by that fact that Born Electric are coming down to Boiler Room.

Yes James Zabiela will be all up in your business, with a prime slice of his highly regarded DJing talents.. which focus on optimising the functions and wizardry of CDJs and Ableton and other gadgetry. Basically, set your eyebrows to 'wowed'.

Gang Colours is going to be coming down too. Who has been putting out great record, after great record and if you're not aware of his Brownswood release then get familiar right now!

Pedestrian is abother Brownswood family member, what with having a track on the infamous Brownswood Bubblers series. He'll be joining us on Boiler Room for the second time (if our memory serves us right).

Cool new cat Pedram is going to be joining us too.. so all in all this is going to be a real fresh treat for you all. The fruit salad of Boiler Room broadcasts if you will.


Gang Colours-profile-image
Gang Colours
James Zabiela-profile-image
James Zabiela