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BR Berlin: Japanese Session

01 Mar 2017, 20:00 - 00:00 CET

From reggae/Japanese-pop fusion to hip-hop beats, and ambient to the avant-garde; this superbly eclectic lineup is sure to behold some great surprises. Join us as we local Japanese artists take the stage at Boiler Room Berlin.

First up it's DJ Die Soon, who promises twisted sonic landscapes along with extraordinarily inventive visuals by VJ Chuu.

MimiCof  is the solo project of  Midori Hirano . Currently based in Berlin, MimiCof's experimental melodies have brought her to perform at various festivals. She is joined in the Boiler Room by visual artist Kaliber 16.

Kiki Hitomi  has been brought to recent acclaim with her solo debut album "Karma No Kusari" (2016) on Jahtari. 

Japanese DJ and producer Shins-K is self-described as a "dubstractic junglist." His trip-beat productions fuse IDM and darker techno, bringing something new t o the more hip-hop-inclined artists on the bill.  Shins-K will be joined with live visuals from vj La Manchega

Lastly Group A will be bringing a wild and wonderful blend of industrial music and provocative performance style. A spectacle not to be missed.