Event flyer

Kosmos Festival x Closer x Transit

17 Jun 2022, 16:00 - 23:00 CEST

We're happy to announce our return to Kosmos Chemnitz––& a special collaboration with Transit Club & Kyiv club & collective Closer. Our stage at the festival brings together a majority Ukrainian line-up, & will collect donations for a number of vital Ukrainian charities––below––via a global broadcast fundraiser.

Kyiv Angels

Kyiv angels have been helping Ukrainians since the beginning of war in Ukraine.
They try to bring care and hope to the people who have suffered in any way from the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


Livyj Bereh

Volunteer group based in Kyїv and works in regions. They help to restore damaged houses and roofs.



Art centre Closer now became the volunteers centre, they are feeding people in need, weaving camouflage nets, welding the stoves, hold tactical medicine classes


Voices Of Children

Voices providing psychological support non-stop (more than 50 psychologists). This organisation is helping to evacuate families with children, seeking housing for them, providing them with food and clothing