Event flyer

Unlock Your City: Adrenalina

16 Nov 2022, 16:00 - 21:00 GMT

Lagoon Femshayma presents Adrenalina with Boiler Room x Unlock Your City

Boiler Room partners with Unlock Your City to continue to unleash some of the UK’s vital talents. Bridging the worlds of music, art and creativity we work to showcase sounds and styles in Lagoon Femshayma's version of London. Gathering some of London's most exciting DJs and performers, Adrenalina is a celebration of London Nightlife and Queer Pop Culture, taking place at West London's cult venue Subterania.

This will also be Boiler Room's first show to be both played and curated by a drag queen; Zooey Gleaves AKA Lagoon Femshayma will be playing his first solo show, having previously played alongside Prestige Pak, a collective he's been a part of since 2017.

The show will also be hosted by Prestige Pak and Boiler Room alumni Lil C, and features some of London's most beloved DJs. Anairin for the warmup, followed by Shivum Sharma and Beauty Blender (Manara and A.G) alongside Femshayma, Sippin' T from BBZ London, and the American queer icon Kevin Aviance. Showcasing London at its most opulent and irreverent, it is sure to be unmissable.

Artwork by Sam Driscoll @its.driskl