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Boiler Room x HBO Max Legendary

11 Jun 2021, 19:00 - 23:45 EDT

We're partnering with HBO Max to mark the grand finalé of "Legendary" Season 2 in the only possible way – a legendary experience c/o the ballroom community.

Running the tracks we have Jersey club queen Uniiqu3, Atlanta ballroom royalty Leonce, vogue-house fixture MikeQ & Kaos b2b Sky LaBeija — whilst iconic dancers Arturo Miyake-Mugler, Omari Orrici, Milan Garcon & Zay Lanvin bless the floor. With Gregg Evisu XL hosting all night.

Tune in on 11 June at 19:00 EDT / 00:00 BST on Boiler Room Facebook or YT. Stream the "Legendary" season now on HBO Max.