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Buenos Aires: Barem, Chancha Via Circuito, Ernesto Ferreyra, Alexis Cabrera, DFUNKLUB

30 Oct 2014, 21:00 - 02:00 UTC-03

Long before the first ship made its way through Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires had a lot to tell. Some centuries ago, the port was filled with Europeans looking for a better life, and as they merged with local population, a new kind of story began.
Far from abstraction, the influence of the old country became evident throughout the streets: Buenos Aires was baptized as the “South American Paris” in reference to its French architecture that was manifested in buildings and palaces, the perfect sign of development and Latin American legacy. From Cortazar to Borges in literature; music was not the exception.
Throughout generations we have come all the way to this digital era of electronic music where European technological tools fused with the local sounds of Tango and Folklore. Almost simultaneously to the synthetizer revolution in Europe, Astor Piazzola was merging the purest sounds of Tango with electronic elements.
Nowadays, the city is an international forum with no regard for physical frontiers. Buenos Aires brings out passion, cultural diversity, energetic people, and the night. The tertulia intelectual afternoons are intrinsically linked to music.
For this and other reasons, Boiler Room extends an invitation to traverse the musicality of Buenos Aires hand-to-hand with experienced artists that share their influences and resounding particularities in very true and different formats.