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Chicago vs Detroit #1

10 Nov 2015, 19:00 - 00:00 CST

Earlier this year, Boiler Room had an incredible time in Chicago, with two shows at Gramaphone Records and Smart Bar paying tribute to Frankie Knuckles and his legacy. Seeing Detroit legends like Underground Resistance send their support and love for our shows was a wake-up call. We knew the next time we'd have to match what went down, and pay even greater service to the wider music community. Chicago vs Detroit emerged from that: to underscore the under-appreciated crossover between two phenomenally important cities in the history of electronic music, only a few hours drive apart on the I-94.

Our trip begins with a quintessential night time Tuesday party at Evil Olive. Joe Smooth – who contributed to our flagship editorial from the last trip – will be pairing up with Sterling Void, who's belted out some all-time belters in his time. He'll be flanked by longstanding local talents DJ Heather (one of the finest selectors on the map) and techno battering-ram Lester Fitzpatrick.

In the spirit of the trip, we'll also be flying some men in from Michigan to display their superhuman skills. Sampled Detroit's own Chuck Daniels will be setting the tone right; clock the man's top notch addition to the Honey Soundsystem mix series here. Three key players of the infamous Detroit Techno Militia will be demonstrating how they came to rule 313 The Hard Way with a 6-deck (six!) set. And then there's Terrence Parker, who we've been trying to get on our screens since the dawn of Boiler Room.

All in all, it's a handful of checks off the bucket-list, and a killer way to kick off Chicago vs Detroit week.