Classic/ Derrick Carter, Luke Solomon, Rob Mello & Dan Beaumont

02 Dec 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

There's a spreadsheet on our office wall of house music heroes we need to get down to a session, and we're very proud to announce that we're about to strike Derrick Carter off that list!

Yes, Derrick will be coming down to play for you all, and soundtrack your Sunday in the finest of styles!

His partner in success with Classic Records Luke Solomon will be coming down to play as well.. which is yet another reason to sack off your Sunday plans unless they involve dancing around your house.

Legendary London based DJ Rob Mello will be joining us too.. with his 10+ years of experience in moving dancefloors let's all expect something special.

Oooo and 'Dad house' aficionado Dan Beaumont will be coming down to play some records as well!


Dan Beaumont-profile-image
Dan Beaumont
Derrick Carter-profile-image
Derrick Carter
Luke Solomon-profile-image
Luke Solomon
Rob Mello-profile-image
Rob Mello