Dollop's Detroit Series/ Juan Atkins, Simian Mobile Disco, Dave Congreave, Charles Drakeford, Lixo & Dollop DJs

29 Jun 2012, 11:02 - 13:12 BST


We're launching a brand new series of broadcasts where we turn up at awesome parties, set up our equipment bring broadcast it all over the world/ beyond.. to launch such a series we have hooked up with dollop. The guys are some of our favourite promoters in London and their Detroit Series is raising the bar juuuust a little. Mainly because..

The Belleville Three will be coming to London over three seperte shows, starting off with 'The Originator' himself Juan Atkins. He invented techno, and is therefore pretty much the realest guy around. Let's all rejoice in his realness yeah? Juan time!

The fun doesn't stop there though, as Simian Mobile Disco will be playing on the night too. They recently wowed the crap out of us in our humble little Boiler Room and now we get the chance to bring you one of their DJ sets.

Midlands legend Dave Congreve will also be joining these lot to show you what two decades in dance music sounds like. The guy is one helluva good DJ!

Local idiot Charles Drakeford will be there too.

Lixo of GetMe! notoriety is going to be attending as well to warm it up real nice..

As will the excellent dollop residents!