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Don't Be Afraid/ Mr G, Semtek, Alis, Mr. Beatnick & Claws For?

London09 Oct 201219:00 - 23:00 BST

For our Tuesday session this week we have invited down one of London's most rapidly rising house labels. That being Don't Be Afraid. Masterminded by Semtek it sure as hell has come along way in it's 3 years of being. Hopefully within this session we'll be able to work out where the label is heading in the near future - as well as celebrating one of house music's undeniable heroes.

That hero being Mr G. Anyone who has released on Moods & Grooves is a hero right? Yeah they are, and he's released a bunch more stuff on other incredible house labels over the last decade. Including Rekids, which is where you'll find his latest album, which is also a sack load of belters.

Semtek himself will be playing, showing you exactly what the label is about. Real, underground, raw house music.

Alis aka Subeena's new house music project will be playing LIVE on the evening too. She's been producing some amazing stuff for a looong time now, so we're excited to see where her new project is at.

One of the label's most exciting releases so far has come from this guy, Mr Beatnick.. who is something of a knowledge sponge on all dope music of the world. For enlightenment, be sure to check his Sun Ra mix.

Aaand lastly, the label's most recent release has come from Claws For? Who just so happens to be excellent, much like everyone else involved here, and will be playing on the night.

London09 Oct 201219:00 - 23:00 BST
18:00 - 22:00 GMT


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