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In Everything Is: Choreography

London22 Aug 201818:30 - 22:00 GMT

4:3 by Boiler Room presents In Everything Is: Choreography, a cinema event like you've never seen.

Led by Holly Blakey, the event features a diverse cast including: model Naomi Shimada, rapper Naeem (fka Spank Rock), filmmaker Clayton Vomero, and six dancers.

The event sees Blakey choreograph video, dance, music, and living room conversation in a cinema setting for a surreal and immersive vision of performance in the everyday.

The collaboration marks the launch of a new event series of experimental cinema nights, the second of which will be led by 4:3 founding curator Jenn Nkiru.

Holly Blakey: “I’ve found recently it’s been important to remember that in all of these things we do and make, we are referencing life. And life is in fact unrelenting.”

4:3's Amar Ediriwira: “We’re obsessed with the culture of hanging out with friends watching YouTube. These events are partly about that conversation, plus screening emerging types of video, and incorporating anything from dance to DJ sets, for a new take on cinema.”

London22 Aug 201818:30 - 22:00 GMT


Clayton Vomero Image
Clayton Vomero

Clayton Vomero is an artist who makes films and other things.

Holly Blakey Image
Holly Blakey

Choreographer and director who most recently collaborated with Mica Levi and Vivienne Westwood.

Naeem Image

Naeem is a rapper and musicians best known as Spank Rock with releases on Big Dada and Boys Noize.

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Naomi Shimada

Naomi Shimada is a 'plus' size model, activist and TV presenter.