Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah, Martello & Cherrystones

10 Sep 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

Now there's no easy way of telling you this, and we've been thinking about it for a really long time - so just let us get it out there. The thing is we FUCKING love Gaslamp Killer and Kutmah and we've been looking for any remote excuse to put a show together with them. Then one fine day, they told us GLK has a new album out and that they want to do a little broadcast with us to celebrate it. When life gives you great DJs, throw a broadcast - that's our philosophy.

So we established that Gaslamp Killer is playing right? yeah we did. You know the score when it comes to his dopeness, we're pretty sure that this time we're going to be able to archive the dopeness in our extensive library of dopeness. What better way to celebrate his new album 'Breakthrough'..

Super amazing DJ Kutmah will be joining us too, aand if you're not excited about that then you better get checked out for diabetes or something. You should know the score and be cancelling all other plans right NOW!

Local hero Martelo will be providing a vibe on the night too. He always comes through with that hot off the press heat, so expect nothing less.

Aaand Cherrystones the godfather of scary as shit music will be there too. Every time we've had him play we've all walked away with our minds a little bit more expanded. Let's hope this one induces life-long Cherrystones flashbacks! He aso rather nicely has an album on the way..


Gaslamp Killer-profile-image
Gaslamp Killer