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28 Mar 2019, 19:00 - 01:00 CET

Boiler Room's Hard Dance was birthed as a response to the thirst for harder, faster and more extreme sounds over the past few years. While the name Hard Dance is synonymous with OG rave days, the project is just as much a tip of the hat to the founding fathers as it is a documentation of the new, diverse generation of musicians who are redefining the boundaries of the scene.

Perhaps the most progressive and influential examples of this new wave took root in Poland. The prankish traveling rave crew called WIXAPOL S.A. have captured the imagination of young Polish ravers via the fluorescently pumped-up and sped-out sounds of hardstyle, gabber, hard bass and an internet subgenre that translates into English as “popecore.”

Chat to any young Pole, the obsessive frenzy around WIXAPOL is clear. It indicates the feverish need the rising generation has for sense of unity and place. A growing band at odds with the growing conservatism that surrounds them, WIXAPOL welcomes literally anyone who puts the dance floor first.

In the words of DJ Torrenz.eu, “We can bring together football hooligans and LGBTQ people and have them dance together to the same music and have fun at the same party. It can be their first common denominator. People are very separated politically in Poland, so I think that’s a step forward.”

It is with no surprise then that WIXAPOL were the first collective we dreamed of broadcasting when thinking of Hard Dance. This is going to be fucking M E N T A L !!!