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Hypercolour/ Tom Demac, Kevin McPhee, Shenoda, Alex Jones & Cedric Maison

London07 Aug 201219:00 - 23:00 BST

Since 2006 Hypercolour has been putting out some amazing 12"s, and in 2012 they've showed no signs of slowing down. So now they're coming to Boiler Room to put on a fine display of how they intend to see out the rest of the year.

Tom Demac is rumoured to have been "born with a set of turntables connected to his hands", which sounds to us like a pretty traumatic childhood. Although I guess it can't have been all that bad because look at where he's at now. Regularly releasing stuff on Hypercolour and all that dope stuff. Can't have been a pleasant birth though, his poor mum!

Like a lot of great things in the modern world, Kevin McPhee comes from Canada. Chances are one of his recent releases has genuinely moved you to tears, so I guess he doesn't need all that much of an introduction. Let's just say we've been wanting this guy on the show for a loooong ass time..

One of the first cats to release on Hypercolour, Shenoda, will also be joining the party. Since which he's garnered support from some of your facourite guys like Martyn, Konrad Black, Mosca and Deetron. Serious!

Alex Jones is going to be playing some records too. No, not the woman from the One Show! Good heavens, who do you think we are. No, we mean the Alex Jones of Hypercolour.. who got one of his tracks remixed by Mr Fingers. Which is a pretty big statement.

Cedric Maison of Galsstable and of course Hypercolour will be with us too. To hopefully give us a lovely little introduction to Hypercolour like the mix above.

London07 Aug 201219:00 - 23:00 BST
18:00 - 22:00 GMT


Kevin McPhee
Tom Demac