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In Stereo: Silk Rhodes

Los Angeles03 Dec 201407:00 - 07:30 PST

Los Angeles’ Stones Throw are a blissful anomaly. It’s proven fact that thriving record labels are an increasingly rare commodity in a market where gargantuan majors hog the charts, glory and massive budgets. Most of the niche indies - driven by passionate folk with tiny budgets - have been weeded out, and fewer still are able to reach iconic status. Working with Stones Throw is deemed a surefire stamp of approval, and whether it’s a nod to deep-rooted funk and soul or an alluring blend of bleepy bloopy offshoots (a la James Pants), the results maintain an authentic, glossy aesthetic that’s rigid within their DNA.

Silk Rhodes accentuate the former, plucking influences from 70s soul merchants like Al Green and Otis Redding alongside a penchant for psychedelia. Their debut album - recorded mostly in Stones Throw's own studio - comes out December 2 and we've been lucky enough to get them together for our next In Stereo session. Lose yourself in a pool of skeletal, groovy soul numbers.

Los Angeles03 Dec 201407:00 - 07:30 PST
15:00 - 15:30 GMT