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Tokyo: JP Grime All-Stars

Tokyo03 May 201607:00 - 10:00 GMT

The fact that grime made its way over to the Far East is no big surprise. Not only are the Japanese notoriously known for adopting styles with ease, but grime itself has a lot to owe to this side of the world. Gaming references, kung-fu movies and even the musical scales of Japan are firm influences on grime music. For the last five or six years, a small yet potent bunch of creators have helped the movement come full circle.

Taking to our Dommune base in Tokyo, we've assembled some of the best JP grime representatives: Double Clapperz, DJ Sakana, Jacotanu and HyperJuice will spin the tunes, while Pakin, Onjuicy and MC Snow ride them. Meanwhile, BR favourites and Butterz label owners, Elijah and Skilliam, return to embody the London flavour.


Tokyo03 May 201607:00 - 10:00 GMT


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DJ Sakana
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Double Clapperz
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MC Snow
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