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Label Spotlight: Activia Benz

03 Mar 2015, 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

Activia Benz aren’t taking themselves too seriously. Their vinyl releases come with jokes on the back. The label’s co-founder Greg Feldwick (Slugabed) put out his second EP with a range of beach towels. His colourful artist roster is one that bears names like DJ DJ Booth, DJ Warlord and – their latest arrival – DJ Mastercard. It’s obvious Activia is a celebration of the silly: a team of goofball internet-obsessives whose MO reads pure and simple (“WE PUT OUT MUSIC WE LIKE AND HAVE A GREAT TIME DOING IT”).

On Tuesday, a portion of their eccentric worldwide crew join us in London for our next label showcase. Rolling through: squad-leader Slugabed and team ELOQ, Toby Gale, Gunge and Silkersoft.

For more, read our introductory profile of the label below, narrated by the label's co-founder Slugabed.