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Label Spotlight: Ilian Tape

12 Mar 2015, 19:00 - 00:00 CET

The Zenker Brothers have just dropped their debut album Immersion, and it’s a testament to what the real-life siblings have been building together with their Ilian Tape label since 2007. The uniqueness of their approach to techno, as well as that of the artists they host on their roster; to the sound they’ve developed together, as well as with their own solo productions.

It’s a sonic approach that’s been described as the ‘Munich sound’. However, this sells short that Ilian Tape is home to artists from all over the world who have similar musical aesthetics. Munich locals like Skee Maskare joined by the likes of Andrea and Stenny from Italy; Regae from Serbia, and Jonas Kopp from Argentina; they’re all part of a growing stable who share a common desire to experiment and explore new approaches to atmosphere and percussion, on the dancefloor and beyond.


Next Thursday, the Zenker Brothers will be backed by Stenny, Andrea, Skee Mask and Regen as we adjust the spotlight onto their Ilian Tape label.