Laurel Halo, Cooly G, Inga Copeland, Raime (DJ Set) & Visionist

27 Nov 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 GMT

Something of a loosely labelled Hyperdub session for you all ths Tuesday with the incredible Laurel Halo coming down to Boiler Room, and playing alongside some other current favourites from this musical sphere we spend all our time obsessing over..

Yes, after a couple years of music titles and fans obsessing over her presence, Ms Halo will be joining us to play for you all and undoubtedly steal your hearts. We can't freakin' wait!

It's been quite the year for Cooly G having released her debut album and therefore concreted her sound in a certain bracket of dopeness.. we're looking forward to seeing where she's at as we prepare to wrap up the year and await those plentiful end of year lists that attempt to put everything into context.

Thank the lord! Raime are coming back to play Boiler Room yet again. Last time they played I think we all spent the following month scratching our heads and asking ourselves what the fuck is that record?! Let's hope we're all left in the same state of puzzlement. Oh they also just put out a record that is a total blinder!

Oooooo, and Visionist, part of the team behind the 92 Points imprint will be joining us too to play some of his favourite music for you all.