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Leeds: Ruf Dug, Vidal Benjamin, Alexis Le Tan, Phoreski, Craig Christon, Joe Gill

05 Jul 2014, 14:00 - 20:00 BST

A few key questions in life remain unanswered, questions like “What is Balearic?” and “Why is the Tour de France Starting in Leeds?” We aim to answer both these questions and many more mysteries on the 5th July, during an extended daytime jam with some of Europe's most respected diggers, DJ’s and balearic trend setters from the fantastic Joe’s Bakery in the heart of Leeds City Centre. This session marks the return of in-house favourite Ruf Dug, whose appearance with the Beautiful Swimmers in Bradley Zero’s living room left a lasting impact, so it’s a real pleasure to have him back again, this time in Bradley’s home town! Capacity's limited so first come first served if you do decide to pop by….