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Let NYC Dance

New York11 May 201723:00 - 04:00 EDT

Since 1926 it has been illegal to dance in New York without a Cabaret License – a nearly unobtainable license that is far out of reach for bars and clubs that cater to everyday New Yorkers. Originally deployed as a law to control black jazz clubs in Harlem, the Cabaret Law has gone through swells of enforcement, and at present, makes dance venues throughout the city extremely vulnerable to fines and even closure.

Let NYC Dance x Boiler Room wants to mobilize the community around repealing this law by bringing together some of NYC's best homegrown DJs to take us on a journey through the city's dance heritage, celebrating each decade from the 1960s to the 2010s.

We'll be tracing NYC's musical history with:
Jonathan Toubin (1960s)
Mobile Mondays DJs (1970s)
Jellybean Benitez (1980s)
Anané Vega (1990s)
Juan Maclean (2000s)
Juliana Huxtable (2010s)

The time is now to Let NYC Dance.
Sign the petition: bit.ly/letnycdance

New York11 May 201723:00 - 04:00 EDT
03:00 - 08:00 GMT