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'Live From' Red Bull Music Academy pres. 'Revolutions in Sound'

12 Oct 2011, 08:08 - 08:08 UTC

 This show will be broadcasted from 7:30pm - 8:30pm, on Thursday 13th October 2011.

You get to watch amazing music, free, live, online.

BROADCAST URL: boilerroom.tv/live

 Right, so Red Bull Music Academy have been on a world tour - taking them to Detroit, Cape Town, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, Rome, New York and now they're hitting up London.  

For which they've officially pulled it out the bag, by laying on an event at everyone's favourite tourist attraction, the London Eye. Now it's everyone's favourite because essentially it's the one thing you'd actually really like to do that involves queueing, buying expensive hot dogs and being bothered by guys dressed as statues.

In each pod of the London Eye there will be a different party going on, for the full line-up check below. We however will be broadcasting the Deviation pod. Which is goin to feature Benji B, MC Judah and a string quartet. No, that's not an artist name - he's got a motherfucking string quartet!

Sounds like just about the most balling shit i've ever heard..