Off Air

Secret Garden Party

22 Jul 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC

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This Friday we'll be at Secret Garden Party for an ultra special broadcast.. though it's all meant to be a secret right? So if you're reading this you must be a member of LulzSec. Well done on hacking through the sites extensive security, you're now officially invited to lock in and enjoy the damn broadcast.

Joining us for the occasion will be Number affiliates Jackmaster and Mosca, Mercury Nominee Ghostpoet, XXXY and Martelo (can I get a "hubba, hubba"). Heres some relevant music from those guys to entertain yourself with.

Orca 004 by xxxy

This has got fun spray painted all over it. For starters the party is going to be floating on a lake, on some kind of boat structure. We've not seen it yet, but hopefully it will be like the floating island the weather man from This Morning used to be on. So if you wan't to see your favourite DJs hilariously fall into a lake, you know what to do.

22 Jul 201119:00 - 22:00 UTC