Off Air

Rush Hour at Cable Ft.Virgo Four (live), Cosmin TRG, Tom Trago (live), Rik Wilhite.

06 Aug 201111:00 - 04:00 UTC

Rush Hour are throwing a party in London, which is cause for mass processions and raptuous applause in itself. God damn do those guys know how to put a party together.

They're putting cats like Rick Wilhite, Virgo Four, Tom Trago, Cosmin TRG and BNJMN all in a room together - and you're all formally invited to come and see how the fuck it goes down. Alternatively though, for those who can't make it, you're all invited to watch the whole thing at home on our live stream.

We'll be broadcasting on Saturday 6th August, from 12pm - 5am (GMT), so get ready guys..

12 - 2: Rik Wilhite
2 - 3: Virgo Four - Live
3 - 4: Cosmin TRG
4 - 5: Tom Trago - Live

Here's a little youtube medley to get you in the mood!

06 Aug 201111:00 - 04:00 UTC


Cosmin TRG Image
Cosmin TRG

Taking cues from 90s era leftfield electronics, warehouse techno, the pioneers of early lab recordings and minimal film scores, Cosmin TRG has created his own brand of modern, textural sonics in a contemporary context.

Tom Trago Image
Tom Trago

A scene staple stepping up first on Sunday? That’s how we do it every year. This year, Tom Trago steps off the turntables and brings his brand new live set to bring you back to life.