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DVA Presents: All Y'all Records

London14 Apr 201519:00 - 23:00 BST
Scratcha DVA is one of those characters the club world needs more of. Anyone who remembers his brilliant years as Rinse FM's breakfast show host will know that he's never short of something odd or outrageous to say, but the crucial thing to note is that he has the talent and wit to back up his flights of fancy. Always interested, always exploratory, never willing to toe the party line of any scene or sound – despite having been a significant producer for grime, funky and the more diffuse late-2000s UK bass scene alike – he is a consistently disruptive influence in the best possible way, sticking spanners in the works wherever he goes.
As a musician and as a DJ he sees no boundary between the grimy, the tripped-out, the slick and the soulful. We should be thankful that he's found a home among the one-offs at Hyperdub, as it's hard to think of another label that would know what to do with an artist like him. But there's an overlooked side to his work, that should really be more appreciated: as a curator and scout, DVA has rare talents. From the unique vocalists on his own tunes – Fatima, Cornelia, Musinah, just to name three – to his own DVA Music label which has dropped mind-twisting gems by the likes of GuGu, Joss Ryan and Shy One, to the kick-arse lineup for this Boiler Room, he has a near-flawless hit-rate. Anyone can be outspoken, but not many people listen as intently and well as DVA.
DVA releases "Allyallrecords", a collaboration with Addison Groove & Mickey Pearce via Hyperdub soon.
London14 Apr 201519:00 - 23:00 BST
18:00 - 22:00 GMT