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London: Hercules & Love Affair, John Morales, Robert Owens, The Reflex

24 Jul 2014, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

Next Thursday, we're bringing together an all-star line-up of history's disco titans. We have two men intimately connected to the fostering of disco and early house music: John Morales and Robert Owens. With nearly three decades of hit records to his roster, Morales remains one of the best producers and arrangers of disco music of all time. Likewise, Robert Owens stands as an abiding icon of the golden-era of Chicago House, revered for his vocal presence alongside the likes of Larry Heard and Frankie Knuckles. Add to the table remix-maestro The Reflex, too!

These seasoned heroes meet up with Hercules & Love Affair, one of the greatest bands keeping the disco-house flame alive today. Hot off the heels of their new LP, The Feast of the Broken Heart, Hercules will be showcasing their new live-set. London, get ready to dance.