London: Zed Bias & Friends Flyer Image

London: Zed Bias & Friends

London16 Dec 201419:00 - 23:00 GMT

Contrary to popular belief, Zed Bias isn't actually going anywhere. At the end of 2014, he's not calling it quits on music, and you will still see his name plastered across flyers and RA feeds.

Next week, Zed will be joined in London by a dream team of musical talents -- each of whom have attributed to his career in some way of form. Among the names are Loefah, who has housed a number of Zed Bias goodies under Swamp 81, most notably 2013's Boss longplayer. Fellow Mancunians, Chimpo and Metrodome and Paleman will rustle through their record bags to conjure up gems from their enviable collections. Terror Danjah is on call to revive memories of the pair's various run-ins on tracks like 2013's "Telepathy" and "Iceberg History". On top of all that are the list of special Live PA guests expected to join the ruckus next week Tuesday. They're not going to be announced just yet, but if you happen to be stuck under the same roof as all these people, check that your flash is working. This is bound to be special.

London16 Dec 201419:00 - 23:00 GMT