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Masterclass with: Michele Rizzo | Boiler Room Festival Amsterdam | Day 3

Amsterdam26 Nov 202218:00 - 19:00 CET

At day 3 of Boiler Room Festival Amsterdam this November, we continue our long-standing partnership with Ballantines, bringing True Music Studios—our series of global residencies—to the The Netherlands.

Join us for a unique Masterclass hosted by choreographer and artist Michele Rizzo. Known for collaborations with Lorenzo Senni and Billy John Bultheel as well as performances at Stedelijk Museum, Rizzo explores the relation between rave culture and dance/performance art in a one-off workshop — dress to move. Invite only, apply now.

  • The GF of the venue is wheelchair accessible.
  • L1 bar is not wheelchair accessible. This level is just for BR Friends & Family and Pernod guests
  • There will be available seating on the GF for guests to use.
  • Dedicated accessible toilet to be available.
  • There will be event lighting and projection throughout the venue with potential use of strobe effects.
  • Ear defenders will be available upon request, please ask a member of staff,
  • A quiet space will be available upon request should this be needed by guests, please ask a member of staff.
  • Safety Officer / Awareness Team to be onsite along with venue security.
  • Carer tickets available upon request.
True Music
Amsterdam26 Nov 202218:00 - 19:00 CET
17:00 - 18:00 GMT