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Matthew Dear, How To Dress Well, Gatto Fritto & Rodaidh

London09 Aug 201219:00 - 23:00 BST

Are you excited about the future? Well if you're not then you can at least be excited about as far into the future as Thursday i.e. TOMORROW. Why you ask? Because Boiler Room will be all back in your face with a great big bottle of good times, ripe for the poppin'..

Matthew 'freakin' Dear is going to be swinging by! To play LIVE on our humble little internet music show. He's not got his full live band and that coming, but you know he can wow the crap out of you on his own. We're all very excited about his new album, so it's time the world got excited with us.

HTDW aka How To Dress Well was king of the world of LP's back in 2010, when his 'Love Remains' rekkid really struck a chord with a lot of the best musical folks - i.e. you guys. We've got a big family sized table reserved in our hearts for this guy, that is unless he turns up dressed particularly badly.

The phenomenal Gatto Fritto will be joining us now instead of Slime. So the level of awesomeness for this show is most definitely at that high level!

Rodaidh, who you might know from that remix of The XX, or even all that involvement on the DRS music stuff.. well yeah that guy. He's going to be joining us too. We're losing our shit, because look at his god damn Discogs page. Not messing around is he!

p.s. Apologies for the overuse of the term i.e. in this post. I know it felt a little corporate and smug but sometimes you just can't think of another way of putting a phrase like that.

London09 Aug 201219:00 - 23:00 BST
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