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Mexico City: Gus Gus, Zombies in Miami, Soul of Hex, Rubinskee, Sakro

Mexico City16 Oct 201421:00 - 02:00 CDT

Mexico City is full of stories. What was once a great Aztec empire constructed over the lake of Texcoco, came to be a symbol of power of the Spanish conquest and the eclectic place where temples, cultures, religions and ideologies converged. Nowadays, well after more than seven centuries, monuments have fallen; flags and governments have risen… and the great Tenochtitlan has transformed itself into a concrete jungle. It still breathes the history and tradition of its ancient times, but the best stories are told at night, when the lights, music and memories wake up and the city’s most secret places are revealed.

The electronic music scene is no exception: the Mexican capital, its diversity and culture promise an exciting panorama. Boiler Room take their inspiration from Mexico City’s stories, to create a night where the sounds and echoes of its timeless artists have an opportunity to be heard.

From the biggest city of the world, we present the special talent of Rubinskee, Sakro and Soul of Hex within the house music genre; and the new disco of Zombies in Miami. Our goal is to dance away the night and value the coexistence between music and a Mexican culture that is becoming more and more international each day.

How can we represent the cosmopolite airs that come from Mexico City? How to leave a musical trace of the universalism and the history in its streets? Our very Special Guest of the night comes from afar, and it’s the best well-kept secret around town.

Mexico City16 Oct 201421:00 - 02:00 CDT
02:00 - 07:00 GMT