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MUTEK MX 02: Alessandro Cortini, Rival Consoles, Lake People + Leo Leal

23 Oct 2015, 20:15 - 02:30 CDT

Rooting from the much celebrated wave of emerging contemporary Mexican producers and artists, we felt a necessity to dig out the stories behind our changing surroundings. We wanted to showcase the artists that have placed the country into the global spotlight as well as presenting the the future figures of tomorrow; a physical and virtual space for this new Mexican wave of music. Yet, what is Mexico’s role in a global context? How has it become one of the hotspots for cultural fusion?

This year, an initiative has been created by two characters that feed off a mutual curiosity of culture across the world. Through its Uncover Sessions series, Boiler Room Mexico has broken the physical limitations and opened a door for the local underground talent. On the other hand, the annual MUTEK Festivalhas founded a critical embassy for digital and aural arts, with events in Montreal, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. This year sees an amalgamation of these two platforms, to reach an evolved era of Mexican electronic music festival, where collaborations with artists from far and wide will be curated alongside showcases from national talent. For this, Alessandro Cortini, Rival Consoles, Lake People & Leo Leal, Valentin Stip, + more join our second broadcast in MUTEK Mexico next Friday at the Cuatro Caminos photo museum.

MUTEK MX is part of the Berlin Current initiative, read more here ->