Neon Indian in the Boiler Room

05 Jun 2012, 00:00 - 00:00 BST

Neon Indian are one of the hottest acts to reach our ears in a loooong time. We've been trying to hook up a Boiler Room session with them for the longest time - and now it's all set to go down on Tuesday 5th June.

This is another of those daytime sessions we've been introducing, and it's all set provide those unforgettable moments and overshadow the whole 'Oh, the Queen got married' situation (or whatever the reason is we don't have to prise our ass out of bed and head to work).

Joining them will be Gwilym Gold. A cat we're way into, who is making this music that once recorded never gets played back the same way. It's weird, we don't understand it, but it's dope as fuck. He's well worth checking.

Warming up for it all will be Keyboard Master, the master of all keyboards. He's a smashing DJ! Possibly even your new favourite.


Neon Indian-profile-image
Neon Indian