Night Slugs/ Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Girl Unit, Lil Silva & Ikonika

26 Jun 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

We all had a fucking ball the last time these breh's were at Boiler Room and it seems like a stupidly long time ago now so lets get them back as soon as possible. How does next Tuesday sound to you? Yeah, sounds like a winner to me.

For those who read the previous sentence, what you're about to hear is undoubtedly the most boring news in history, but Bok Bok is going to be there. Obviously this is only boring because his name is synonymous with Night Slugs being co-founder and all. He's a top notch producer and an astounding DJ. Open your arms wide in praise!

L-Vis is the other co-founder of Night Slugs an he'll be joining us too. Apologies to everyone who knows this stuff which is effectively everyone who likes what we do. Has to be said though really doesn't it. L-Vis has rather interestingly never played Boiler Room before though, so lets get rid of that fact forever next Tuesday.

Joining them is long time Night Slugs compadré Girl Unit whose Club Rez Ep has been completely destroying minds since it's release. The guy sure does know how to craft a banger!

Funky badman Lil Silva is going to bring the god damn party to this broadcast. Pretty much the only guy to take UK Funky beyond these shores and keep it interesting it's time to commemorate his existence!

p.s. whoever upload Lil Silva tracks to YouTube with a delightful little painting as the image is our No.1 uploader of the year!

Ikonika is all set to release her first full record in a while next month, once again revisiting her homeland of Hum + Buzz. To celebrate that she's playing Boiler Room with the Night Slugs lot so we can see where she's been..


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Bok Bok
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Girl Unit
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Lil Silva