Objekt, Ryat LIVE, Tom Diciccio & Darling Farrah

03 Jul 2012, 19:00 - 23:00 BST

Is electronic music great?! Yeah it is, and once again we're going to gather online to bask in it's glory with some fresh talent we just can't keep from your screens ay longer. Here we go..

Objekt is coming back to Boiler Room. Last time he graced our screens only about 5 people in the world had a copy of 'Cactus' so it's definitely time he came to wow us again. We'll be losing our shit for sure, especially if he draws for some new exclusives!

Brainfeeder recently released a pretty astounding album from Ryat, so we're pretty excited to get her down to play LIVE. She holds the key to your mind, all you need to do is grant her the access to unlock it.

One of the most interesting cats in the current UK techno scene Mr. Tom Diciccio is going to be heading down again to play for you. He's been putting out release after release of wow factor business, get familiar with his stuff people.

Aaaand lastly, Darling Farrah will be joining us too. Who's 'Body' Lp is something to behold and who we reaaally can't wait to showcase to y'all.