Peaking Lights

07 Jun 2012, 14:00 - 18:00 BST

Peaking Lights came from nowhere with one of the most outstanding albums of last year. It felt kinda like that dubbed out, pop music style hadn't been done well in a while - until these guys showed up. We're hyped to have them down for a session, it's been a while in the making this one.

They've just put the release process of their new album into motion, so no doubt you'll get to hear a ton of stuff from that.

DJing on the day we'll have the certified hero Andrew Weatherall coming down to display his talents. The music he plays is a celebrations of UK electronica.. so after a Bank Holiday of celebrations lets just keep the ball rolling shall we.

We will also have Romare playing live for us, someone fresh and new and awesome - who makes pieces out of samples that just don't really sound like anything you heard before. So just like always, expect to be exposed to something new and unchartered.

Labyrinth Ear are joining us too, with a sound very in-tune with Peaking Lights - but a whole agenda of their own going on too. It's lovely stuff, just give it a listen above.