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Petite Noir LIVE, Attaque, Evil Nine & Autokratz

19 Sep 201213:42 - 13:42 UTC

This show will be broadcasted live from 7pm – 10pm, Thursday 10th September

The show itself is strictly private , you must be on a guest list to get in.

Everyone else, you get to watch amazing music, free, live, online.

BROADCAST URL: boilerroom.tv/live

OOooh yes we've got another delightful little session for you all to wrap your ears around this week as Petite Noir will be coming to Boiler Room to play LIVE for all you guys. There's so much excitement building around this guy you'd think he was a new national holiday that involved all the fun aspects of every other holiday all in one. 

 Yes on Thursday night you'll be able to tune into this guy's incredible performance whilst looking forward to a Friday well spent walking around your local area screaming about how good he was.

First cats to be joining Mr Noir will be Attaque. His music is effectively somebody shouting party in your face, and you know what's the best response to that? Well, in case you're unsure the answer is 'getting down'.

 Heroes of breakbeat, more commonly recognised as Evil Nine will be on the show too. 

As will the Kitsuné affiliated, London based duo Autokratz..

Oh gosh!

19 Sep 201213:42 - 13:42 UTC


Evil Nine
Petite Noir
Young Guru