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Poland: Technosoul Takeover

05 Dec 2014, 20:00 - 23:30 CET

Our next pin on the Boiler Room Poland map drops just outside a primeval forest by the Belarusian border. Białystok’s geographical and historical situation has forged a landscape where people of different nationalities, religions and cultures have coexisted for centuries. The city that marks the Eastern end of Schengen area is also home to Technosoul - a record label slash collective of DJs and promoters, whose parties and energy has turned many eyes to a region of Poland that’s never been properly discovered. Most notorious for running events all over the country (including their own festival that turns 5 next year), they’re also responsible for introducing a wider audience to a handful of unmissable talent hailing from all around this part of Europe - Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia, just to name a few.