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Pronounced Love Presents: Somos, Afta-1, Gifted & Blessed

Los Angeles07 Jul 201520:00 - 22:00 PDT

Pronounced Love is a loosely aligned collective (emphasis on loosely) fanning out from Los Angeles and beyond. Their message is clear: to share love, be at one with oneself and to release music into the universe that's laced with soul and an appreciation of the earth and cosmos.

AFTA-1 plays lead astronaut for most of the cohort's activities - a beatmaker originally from LA, yet prone to disappearing off the map and taking his beats with him. Over the years, he's slow-cooked a batch of projects; most of which can be labelled as beatsy genre-wise, but frequently have the same nomadic tendencies as their creator. Ultimately, he's a very talented man disinterested in the click-click of the Internet and his music prospers as a direct result. AFTA-1's music sits in its own zone; solar system even. Those that are interested should start nowhere else but Aftathoughts Vol. 1 - thirteen space-caked instances of magic semi-sewn to an instrumental hip-hop template.

He'll be joined by long time friend Gifted & Blessed, whose output is nothing short of analog synth science. Just a quick glimpse at his discography reveals a host of stellar works albeit under many different guises. There are bits on the influential Sound In Colour label alongside SA-RA at the end 2004/5. Then there's his debut album (Soundtrack To Sunrise) which politely borrowed influences from neo-soul and broken-beat to create a real aural treasure. This is a man who shares credits with Steve Spacek, Exile and Flora Purim.

The pair will also be combining to introduce SOMOS, which promises to be an enthralling experience no matter what. Add the trippy visuals of Shawn Curley AKA Major Gape and you'll realise there's considerable weight in this line up.

Los Angeles07 Jul 201520:00 - 22:00 PDT
03:00 - 05:00 GMT