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Radio Spotlight: Redlight Radio / Music From Memory

29 May 2014, 15:00 - 17:00 CEST

Red Light Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from a former prostitution window in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light District. The station was founded by two friends Orpheu and Hugo and on any given day represents a cross section of the diverse musical cultures found in Amsterdam. That could mean an Afro Beat extravaganza or 60 minutes of straight up Black Metal, sitting comfortably alongside live acoustic performances or DJ sets by International artists who are visiting.
Red Light Records can be found in the same building, hidden behind a gate down a small alley in another former prostitute's workplace. Nestled comfortably next to Vintage Voudou Records (recently featured on Boiler Room) its owners Abel and Tako have built up a well considered selection of second hand vinyl covering everything from Jazz, Disco, Funk, Rock, Prog, Electronics, House. They also run the the Music From Memory label with Jamie Tiller. Their motto is "Giving overlooked and unreleased music that we love a second chance..." They focus on compiling music that they believe deserves a wider audience than it received at the time of it's release or has maybe never even been heard; unreleased material which has remained in the archives of the musicians who made it. Their recent release of re-issued and unreleased material from Italian musician / composer Gigi Masin has deservedly been getting a lot of love.