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Red Bull Music Academy Madrid/ Mathew Jonson, Chairman Mao, Egon, Gerd Janson, Raisa K, Brenmar, Canblaster, Nightwave & Krystal Klear

03 Nov 201121:00 - 01:00 UTC

2100 - 0100 (CET), 2000 - 2400 (GMT) Thursday 3rd November 2011
Just in case you weren't aware, Red Bull Music Academy has kicked off and is currently taking over Madrid. If you've been reading their diary entries you'll know that so far it seems to be about eating delicious hams, meeting Paul Riser and Addison Groove shouting down a "unidentifiable lady - all sounds very interesting to me. So isn't it about time we got all up in there and dod what we do best, streaming everythang you guys at home wanna see?

For this special Boiler Room x Red Bull Music Academy Madrid, we're gonna give a selection of the participants a chance to show you why they made it into the academy. As always, the participants themselves are well on the way to being just as talented as those lecturing them, or assisting them in the studios. So this will be big, no doubt it'll be big. Best thing of all though, is you haven't even heard of half of them! Oh, and it's going to be staged in the Matadero Madrid - which looks pretty freakin' cool.

First off, we've got Mathew Jonson up in this marrfucker. A former lecturer at RBMA, and hopefully his set will teach people a thing or two on our show too.

We also got Chairman Mao - who we're assuming isn't the leader of the Chinese Revolution and is in fact this XXL contributing, RBMA radio hosting and ego trip author guy. Imagine if we were wrong though, that'd be kinda weird. If he is this guy, you can expect cool shit like the video below, which I found on his site and i'm pretty sure he wasn't actually involved in.

Then Egon will be selecting some serious records for you all. He's a digger, a true digger - and if you need proof of his credentials check his Funk Archaeology series for NPR.

Gerd Janson is the founder of Running Back records, responsible for bringing you all kinds of dope rekkids in recent years. Expect house of that deep, groovy variety - yadiiig!

Next up from our academy selection will be Raisa K, who seems awfully new but has actually been about for a little while (working with Micachu & The Shapes and Dels). Get ready for something fresh and outside of your comfort zone.

Now this is where stuff starts to get familiar for all of us, so i'm going to ease up on the details. Brenmar, Canblaster, Nightwave and Krystal Klear will also be joining. Here's a selection of what they do and what you can expect.

03 Nov 201121:00 - 01:00 UTC


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Gerd Janson

At the helm of the Running Back label is a highly respected DJ in the world of house & techno — honing his craft with a genre-free philosophy.

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Krystal Klear
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Raisa K