Red Bull Music Academy Takeover/ Illum Sphere, Zed Bias, Chunky, Indigo & Jon K

01 Jan 1970, 18:00 - 21:00 BST

Boiler Room is not scared of the North like most other Londoners so when something like the new Illum Sphere release on Young Turks comes around we jump on the nearest train and get a broadcast together from some incredilbe location like, oh I don't know, Manchester Art Gallery?

What with all the good times and reloads and stuff it's easy to forget that this music stuff we're into is actually 'art' - so let's put it right back into that context with a little help from the delightful homies over at Red Bull Music Academy and some other Manchester musical heroes.

Top lad and RBMA alumni Illum Sphere will of course be playing, and as you're probably well aware he's a cracking good DJ. It's also been a hot minute since he had him on our screens, so this has all worked out pretty nicely for all parties.

The mighty Zed Bias will be joining us as well, and he's a got dayumn hero isn't he so make sure you do the right thing and sit glued to your computer for a prime slice of his dopeness.

Microphone champion of the North, turned damn tight producer Chucky will also be playing on the night. The guy has probably clocked up more club time than a recently retired bouncer so expect the best.

Indigo is the mind behind Mindset Recordings, and wowed a few heads with his output on Exit Records and it just so happens that he'll be playing on the night too.

Aaaand Hoya:Hoya badman/ Manchesters finest (along with the rest of these troops) will be playing some of his favourite shit for you all as well.