Red Stripe Make Session 003/ Aba Shanti, King Tubby's Channel One, NTS DJs & Boiler Room DJs

23 Aug 2012, 00:00 - 00:00 BST

So the Red Strip Make Sessions, which have so far brought you Mr DOOM, as well as a bunch of hot SXSW goodness direct from Texas - are now set to aid your intake of carnival weekend with a long overdue lesson in dub.

For this Make Session, Red Stripe have chosen 5 of the most important people involved in London's favourite party Notting Hill Carnival, and comissioned photographers to document their day to day lives. From sound system pioneers to local shop owners, to jerk chefs, these stunning images will appear in large form at carnival pasted to the iconic chip-boarding you see everywhere at the event.

As far as we're concerned carnival is the best thing that ever happens in this country and if you've ever been you'll know how integral Red Stripe is to the whole thing. We're stoked to be involved. On Thursday 23rd August Boiler Room is hosting a launch event for Notting Hill Creator's, we'll be showcasing the photography project in full and broadcasting the best carnival dj's and sound systems.

Part 1 of this education comes from none other than Aba Shanti. The legendary soundsystem has been at carnival year in, year out, offering a truly spiritually enlightening time for all. Now it;s time to capture that and stream the hell out of it.

King Tubby and his Channel One sound are coming down to show shy their such an extrinsic part of carnival too.. They've been around for over 30 years, that's longer than anyone in Boiler Room has been alive!

NTS and Boiler Room DJs will also be on hand during the night, more than likely very nervous due to the amount of heritage in the room..